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Is your workplace mentally healthy?

Are your employees…

  • Finding it difficult to switch off after work?
  • Experiencing elevated levels of stress?
  • Losing focus and procrastinating on major tasks?
  • Rehashing mistakes over and over in their head; lacking resilience?
  • Relying on coffee to stay mentally alert?
  • Getting caught up in workplace conflict?

When your employees are struggling to manage stress, business just isn’t going to go as smoothly as it could.

1 in 5 Australians have taken time off work in the past 12 months because they felt stressed, anxious, depressed or mentally unhealthy.1

In Australia, 3.2 days per worker are lost each year through workplace stress. Stress-related absenteeism and presenteeism are directly costing Australian employers $10.11 billion a year.2

In workplaces that employees consider “mentally healthy”, mental health related absenteeism almost halves.1

With workplace related stress on the rise worldwide,3 we can’t afford NOT to invest in workplace wellbeing.

Creating a mentally healthy workplace is good for your employees, & good for business

$1 invested in workplace mental health can return $65 in savings

due to reduced sick leave, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity 4

How we can help:

We’ll tailor a mindfulness or emotional intelligence (EQ) workshop (or 4!) to your team’s needs, and equip your employees with lifelong strategies for reducing stress and overwhelm while improving their focus, productivity, resilience, and communication skills.

Our workshops are practical, backed by science, and full of relatable stories and laughs to engage even the most skeptical of participants.

I was so impressed! Andrea was able to really relate well with the audience with her fun, down-to-earth manner.

I’m so glad our office arranged the mindfulness workshop for us, it was great. Top presentation, thanks!

Phil Counsel, Senior Associate Civil Engineer


What an amazing job Andrea did with our staff today!

It was a brilliant, well-presented and engaging presentation, and I will forever be grateful for the positive start Andrea has given to our staff in 2019.

Emily, Assistant Principal

St Joseph’s College, Toowoomba

Fascinating workshop, really impressed. Enjoyed the workshop immensely.

Andrea, the presenter was wonderful so down to earth and passionate. Excellently communicated and made the topic very interesting & interactive. 

10/10 - I would recommend the workshop to any business!

Michelle and Robyn


Why mindfulness?

Research shows that mindfulness practice rewires our brain, increasing our resilience, productivity, creativity, and focus, as well as reducing stress and anxiety

The unconventional mindfulness skills we teach in our workshops are lifelong tools that will benefit participants both at work and at home, helping to improve employee engagement and productivity, increase emotional intelligence, and enhance interpersonal relationships.

Why Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

Research shows that EQ is TWICE as important for success as IQ and technical skills.

Daniel Goleman, world leading researcher in the field of EQ states that emotional intelligence is absolutely essential and indispensable for successful leadership.

We specialise in creating engaging, relatable workshops for skeptical, practical people

Just straight up strategies with absolutely no mention of chakras

10/10 - It was the best workshop I have ever been to of its kind.  It's not easy to keep police engaged when talking about things such as mindfulness.  

The presentation was very enjoyable, engaging, relatable and well spoken.  Andrea was an excellent presenter and had the answer to every question asked of her.  I would recommend Andrea any day.

Steven, Constable

Victoria Police

Thanks again for today - really loved this session, it was brilliant.

Our company talks about mindfulness a lot but we have never had anyone come in and talk to us about what it is, exactly how to be mindful, and why it is so important.

I highly recommend Andrea if you want to learn how mindfulness can positively impact your life!

Katie Rhodes, People & Culture Specialist

Lululemon Australia

Andrea conducted 4 fantastic emotional intelligence workshops for our PD day and really hit the nail on the head for what we needed!

Andrea’s style of facilitating was engaging and incorporated a combination of practical tasks, short video clips, and theory underpinned by research.

Andrea was an excellent presenter and I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.

Jess Liersch, Early Childhood Teacher and Educational Leader

Monash University

Andrea Featherstone is a mindfulness and EQ consultant specialising in working with skeptics and indecisive overachievers. Andrea's workshops help participants to develop more clarity, resilience and emotional intelligence, while reducing stress and procrastination. Without a single mention of chakras.

Andrea facilitates workshops across Australia, NZ, the UK and Europe for corporates (incl Victoria Police, Electrolux, Lululemon, BMW, ExxonMobil & the ATO), schools (in partnership with Smiling Mind) and for the Faculty of Medicine at Monash University.

Andrea has trained with Dr Craig Hassed, world renowned mindfulness expert, and has attended trainings with Eckhart Tolle, Dr Daniel Siegel, Russ Harris, and Jack Kornfield.

Ready to create a mentally healthy workplace? 

Or get in touch below to discuss working together to build a thriving, mentally healthy workplace.

Andrea is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is available for workshops across
Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.


Andrea was wonderfully engaging with our skeptical team. She had the room captivated.

The workshop was so relevant and perfect for our audience, everyone was able to take away useful skills to immediately reduce stress in their day to day life, and many members have reported positive changes following the workshop.

I personally sat down and completed three tasks in 1/2 the time it would usually take me as a result of what I learnt!

Jacki Dixon, Senior Sergeant

Victoria Police

I was very impressed by the engaging and practical mindfulness workshop that Andrea delivered to our offices.

Andrea is a fantastic presenter and had the whole office really entertained and engaged with her relatable anecdotes and humour.

Everyone was able to take away easy-to-implement tools for reducing stress and improving focus.

I had heard that the Richmond Tigers footy team practice mindfulness to improve their game, and the workshop made me understand why mindfulness is so relevant for peak performance in sport and business.

I highly recommend Andrea as a mindfulness consultant.

John O'Neill, CEO

QMS Media

Excellent workshop, Andrea did a brilliant job reading and connecting with the audience.

The group loved the content and delivery so much that when they got back to the office their enthusiasm actually lifted the rest of the office!

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Victoria State Government

The presentation was very well received – people in the office have been raving about it.

Thank you for running such an entertaining and engaging session!

Michelle, Senior HSE Advisor

Frasers Property Australia

Looking for individual support outside the workplace? Check out our online programs for indecisive overachievers over on projectself.com.au.