We specialise in facilitating unconventional, practical and engaging workshops

Our most popular workshops:

30 or 60 minutes, in-person, online, or hybrid (Contact us below for more details)

How to Switch Off

A practical guide to reducing overthinking

How to Stress Less

A guide to managing stress & reactivity

Better Relationships

A guide to improving relationships &  communication

How to reduce self criticism

A practical guide to increasing confidence and reducing negative self-talk

How to Procrastinate Less

A guide to improving focus and productivity

How to Make Better Decisions

A guide to increasing clarity and figuring out your values

How to Think Innovatively

A guide to increasing creativity & innovation

Peak Performance

A guide to getting in flow and improving productivity

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

A guide to increasing EQ & empathy

We also offer:

Bespoke workshops

Workshops specifically tailored to your team’s needs

½ & full day workshops

Interactive workshops combining 2 or more of the above topics.  Great for team building and connection

1:1 & group coaching

Personalised mindfulness, mental health & values coaching

Bite sized learning

15-30 minute micro-learning sessions for quick mental health tips that fit into your coffee-break

Online or in-person

Andrea is highly experienced at running engaging, fun workshops both in-person and online using Zoom, Teams, BlueJeans, and Webex, having run hundreds of workshops for high performing leaders and employees, for national and global teams.


I cannot believe the positive response I’ve received on our first workshop with Andrea. So many positive comments, conversations, thanks, stories shared, etc.

Easily 50% of the team mentioned the workshop as the standout for the week at our Huddle. Engagement has been amazing.

There is one thing everyone keeps mentioning… Andrea, she is a superstar presenter. Her approach to the group, the way she connected with the group was nothing short of amazing, everyone is talking about it!

Pete Nemeth

Reece Group

These mindfulness workshops have been super impressive in my view.


Luke Humphries

Coal LSL

Internal post-workshop survey responses:

•  Andrea was outstanding and the topic was onpoint.  I’m really looking forward to the next workshop! 

•  Best “down to earth” representation of mindfulness

•  Andrea is very engaging, funny and knowledgeable. She explains everything really clearly, and brings a calming, joyful presence to each webinar

•  Awesome workshop. It was very relevant and held my attention.

Victorian Building Authority (VBA)

Check out what Reece Group and BlueScope Steel have to say about our workshops:

Pete Nemeth, Pricing & Product Data Leader
Reece Group Australia

Deanne Howard, Vice President of People, North America
BlueScope Steel

The feedback from Andrea’s workshops is glowing! (see a sample of responses below):

•  Such an engaging and 'real' presenter. Very relatable. Very good practical examples.

•  Andrea was a fantastic presenter, very knowledgeable. Lots of interaction with participants, very engaging.

•  Andrea really connected well with the audience. I found her very easy to understand and felt connected and engaged throughout.

•  Andrea's energy and presentation style! Came across really friendly and confident and knowing her stuff, very passionate about her subject matter.

Michelle Della-Vedova

The Australia Tax Office (ATO)

I was very impressed by the engaging and practical mindfulness workshop that Andrea delivered to our offices.

Andrea is a fantastic presenter and had the whole office really entertained and engaged with her relatable anecdotes and humour.

Everyone was able to take away easy-to-implement tools for reducing stress and improving focus.

I had heard that the Richmond Tigers footy team practice mindfulness to improve their game, and the workshop made me understand why mindfulness is so relevant for peak performance in sport and business.

I highly recommend Andrea as a mindfulness consultant.

John O'Neill, CEO

QMS Media

Internal feedback survey responses:

•  The way that Andrea brought her expertise to a large and some skeptic group and we learned so much in such a short time. Her authenticity was very welcome and made us trust her quickly. Her facilitation abilities using Zoom were brilliant and we learnt so much more than just mindfulness.

•  The workshop contained very useful strategies and I valued the group chats and meditation. Andrea's knowledge, insightfulness, interaction with participants and response to comments and queries is very supportive, effective and beneficial.

Victorian Building Authority (VBA)

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